Xray diffractometer is back online!


X-ray power on 2012/08/24




Just a quick Rietveld analysis using Fullprof


Fullprof の練習がてら無理矢理フィットしてみました。バックグラウンドが合っていないのはご愛嬌。ちょうどいいサイズが石英キャピラリーしかなかったのでちょっとバックが高いです。それにしても、4軸回折計の分解能は試料サイズで決まっているんだなぁと、まぁ、当たり前の事を再確認。ちなみに上のデータはΦ1mm のキャピラリーです。太いです。



There are pretty many things happened in my X-ray lab, but finally X-ray generator is back online with 45kv/100mA.  Just now, it has increased to 50/100.  We will go higher next week, as the spec says it can go up to 60/300.

For the diffractometer side, we first checked the powder diffraction patterns of several standard samples, such as Si, Al2O3, and so on.  Of course, this is the 4 circle diffractometer, and thus the powder pattern taken here is not looking-so-good, but anyway the 2theta movement is confirmed to be solid, reliable, and reproducible.  As a practice of using Fullprof, we have just Rietveld-analyzed the obtained Al2O3 data, which give reasonable lattice parameters, fractional coordinates, etc.  Happy!

Next, we get to align the diffractometer using single crystal standard, and then reset up the refrigerator.   Long way to go?  Not at all!